Monday, June 6, 2011

Why Haley Reinhart's Original Song (Debut Single) was Cut from the American Idol Finale

While we loved seeing Haley Reinhart “Steppin’ Out” with Tony Bennett during the American Idol finale, we were more excited for our little pony’s first original song, which her parents promised we’d hear that night. But as we were treated with Beyoncé performances, Gaga-vision, and a look back at Steven Tyler-isms, we began to wonder how Idol would fit everything in.

It turns out, two hours simply isn’t enough time for Top 13 reunion songs, judges’ hip shakings, and celeb cameos. In fact, as Haley explained to The Hollywood Reporter, it was one of the uber-famous who took over the spot that was originally given to the growly girl for her new single. “That was going to happen. And then Bono came in and it was taken away,” says Haley.

Et tu, Bono? The U2 singer, along with The Edge and Reeve Carney, brought Broadway to the Idol stage (didn’t Simon Cowell always warn against that?) when they performed “Rise Above 1” from Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. The superhero-themed musical is having myriad problems, and even J.Lo wasn’t keen on kissing the masked crusader during the finale.

Now that Haley’s original song doesn’t have the benefit of an Idol audience debut, its fate is in peril. “They had said that it was going to happen,” explains Haley, “and like everything else in this business, it’s all subject to change. I was excited about it, but then again, I think I'd like to wait and come up with something that's very me. Everything happens for a reason, so it's all good.” Way to take it in stride, Growlylocks.

American Idol finales are typically star-studded spectacles, and they always try to cram in the maximum amount of show-stopping performances, but swapping Haley’s potential hit for an established singer’s lackluster project just strikes us as bad form. What do you think? Should producers have kept or cut Haley’s original song?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. In all the years of American Idol, and I've watched every season, the debut singles performed at the finale are only performed by the top 2 and not the top 3. And record deals are automatically given to the top 2 finalists not the top 3 finalists so I don't understand how Haley would have a debut single. Wouldn't she need to be signed to a record deal/record label to have that? I don't think Idol allows contestants who didn't make it to the top 2 to sign record deals so fast... But maybe things have changed when it comes to Idol as Idol has changed dramatically in its 10th season. If Haley did have a debut single, record deal or not, they should have allowed her to perform it. It would have been better than listening to her duet with Tony Bennett.