Monday, May 23, 2011

Scotty McCreery, Haley Reinhart or Lauren Alaina: Which Two Made American Idol History, Twice in One Night?

by: Jaelyn Jamik
St. Louis Country Music Examiner

On Thursday night, Ryan Seacrest announced to American Idol viewers that 95 million votes came in, setting a record for the most votes of any season. However, getting the most votes was not the only Idol "first" achieved this week. The Top 2 finalists also made American Idol history, not just once, but twice over.

As the show began, the three remaining contestants knew this was it. Everything they had worked for all came down to this day. One final contestant would sing a goodbye song and the stage would be set. The remaining two would find themselves on the biggest stage yet, singing their hearts out for their families, their friends, the thousands of fans who turned out for their homecoming visits and the countless others who faithfully voted each week. But first, they had to get through an hour long show, wrought with the by now expected commercial breaks before Ryan Seacrest would announce the winners.

If anyone thought Scotty McCreery would make it into the finale, they could probably predict that the American Idol producers would have his name called first, leaving the girls, Haley Reinhart and Lauren Alaina pitted against each other as the cliffhanger moment. And as fate - or votes - would have it, that is exactly what played out. When Scotty's name was called, he seemed genuinely relieved, excited and dumbfounded all at once. He took his seat off to the side while he awaited the moment that would reveal whom his finale competitor would be.

After the usual build up of suspense, Ryan Seacrest announced that Lauren Alaina would join Scotty in the finale next week, in that one moment, making American Idol history. In 9 years of American Idol, we've had Rockers, R&B singers, Pop Stars and contestants with enough screech to keep even the Metal-hungry happy, but never before have two Country artists faced off on the American Idol finale stage. If that wasn't enough to get Country fans tuning in to the finale next week, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina made yet another mark in history, one that may lure in teen voters by the masses. Season 10's Top 2 contestants are also the youngest pair of finalists to ever compete for the title. Scotty McCreery is 17 years old while Lauren Alaina is just 16.

So, after months of grueling schedules, hard work and life-changing experiences, it all comes down to two teenagers trying to absorb all that has happened to them and keep their composure for one more week. It should be a very exciting finale, so make sure you don't miss it. Idol will air on a different night this week ~ Tuesday. The winner will be announced during the two hour live results show on Wednesday.

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