Wednesday, May 4, 2011

American Idol's Stefano Langone Performs “Closer”

American Idol Season 10's Stefano Langone performs “Closer” by Ne-Yo. The theme for the Top 7 Week was "Songs of the 21st Century". Producer Jimmy Iovine gets down on Stefano during rehearsal, saying, "It's not whining. It's not begging. It's sexy. Sexy comes with a certain amount of confidence. He can move, what's he doing stalking the stage pleading?"

So, what do the other contestants think of Stefano? "Stefano tries to be a ladies man. Hard core," says Lauren Alaina. "There's just something about a women," says Stefano, "It's the fruit of life." They all tease Stefano about what a big flirt he is.

Stefano takes the stage with confidence. He struts a bit. His vocals are very strong, especially the first chorus. Then it all fell off for me. When Stefano started to move around the stage, with his pants way too tight across the thighs, I felt like I was watching people dancing in a Richard Simmons or Jane Fonda workout video. Flashback to the workout scenes in Rocky...It was all just a little too distracting. Randy Jackson said, "Dude you turned me around. You did a very good job, you smoothed it out. And what I love that you did, you took your time singing the verses. We know you have the power and are going to slay it at the end with all your big huge notes. I was really proud of you. You kinda worked the dance steps out a little bit." Steven Tyler raved, "Nobody can say you weren't all up in it. I hoped you would dance and you did. Good job. Really good." Jlo added, "Speaking for the girls in the audience, I thought it was very, very good. You really had your swag going on. I really liked it. It felt like a concert. It felt good, like a performance. You owned the song. Really good job."

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