Thursday, May 5, 2011

American Idol's Scotty McCreery Sings “Gone” on the Top 5 Show

Scotty McCreery, American Idol Season 10's 'Country Cutie' sings “Gone” by Montgomery Gentry as his first song on the Top 5 'Now~and~Then' Show. The nine Grammy Award winner Sheryl Crow sat in as celebrity mentor, and sang back-up for Scotty during rehearsals. "I think this is the right song for Scotty. It's got a lot of grit to it, a real Rock feel to it," said Producer Jimmy Iovine, adding, "I think the song Scotty takes on tonight...the combination of angst, lyrics, intensity of the vocal...I think people are going to get really moved tonight." Sheryl Crow, who's known to incorporate elements of Rock, Folk, Hip Hop, Country and Pop into her music, said, "I don't think we've really seen him do this yet. It's got a huge range. I think people are going to be on their feet." She told Scotty, "I think you've got a great career ahead of you." Wow! What an amazing endorsement for a 16 year old kid to get from Sheryl Crow!

Scotty takes over the Idol stage likes it's his own headlining stadium concert! He works the whole stage, the whole audience...really takes command, and makes you sit up and listen! His crazy confidence and swagger are a joy to watch (though the googly-eyes are becoming a bit much!) His vocals are solid, if a little drowned out by the back-up singers and the music. The crowd and the three judges go absolutely wild for Scotty's much so that Steven Tyler can't even start his critique. Steven, always one for a colorful turn of phrase, said, "Up til now you’ve been like a puritan. But I swear to God, I saw you dance with the devil tonight. And that's a good thing for you. That was really beautiful. That showed a whole 'nother side of you." JLo, so thrilled she can hardly speak, said, "I, wha...lost it there for a second, I was so excited. (hahahaha) You just owned that stage. I heard some growling in there too. I liked it. That is some American Idol stuff right there. That's it, Baby. Really great." Randy Jackson added, "I felt like we were sitting at 'Concert Scotty'. Who knew you could rock the stage like that? If you can do it, it don’t matter what age you are. THIS GUY’S IN IT TO WIN IT TOO!"

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