Thursday, May 5, 2011

American Idol's Lauren Alaina Sings “Flat on the Floor” on the Top 5 Show

Lauren Alaina, American Idol Season 10's sweet (and funny) Georgia Peach, sings “Flat on the Floor” by Carrie Underwood as her first song on the Top 5 'Now~and~Then' Show. Sheryl Crow sat in as guest celebrity mentor. "One of the things I think would be really helpful for Lauren, is to stay put. To bring the audience to her," says Sheryl, who wants Lauren to "stand in a very strong position and sing." "I'm proud of Lauren. She's taken all the constructive criticism in, and she's used it as fuel. And she's coming to fight tonight," says Producer Jimmy Iovine.

Lauren hits the stage...looking great! She's really maturing as an artist (her singing), and as a performer (her 'look', her confidence, and her command of the stage and her movements.) She's right, this is a very hard song to sing. And she pulls it off ~ brilliantly! One of Lauren's best performances to date. Spunky, sassy. Lauren shows off her big, huge vocals, with just a slight Country twang. Lauren's great commercially, because she's not pigeon-holed into just one genre. Her songs will show up on the Country charts, the Pop charts...all the charts! The audience and judges really go crazy for Lauren! Randy Jackson praised, "That is the direction for you. This direction I agree with 100%. The great Carrie Underwood. I love you showing this fun side, energetic side. You're singing, still connecting with the audience. I thought it was amazing. Lauren is in it, Y'all." Steven Tyler, a huge Lauren fan, said, "Lauren, the way you sing, the way you found your niche is simply as good as it gets. For a 15 year old girl, and you sing like that, and you know where you’re's the limit. I think you're 'It'." Jennifer Lopez raved, "That's what I like to see, what we've been pushing for from you. You ate that up. I saw you. You want it. We're looking to see who's going to rise to the top. That's what you have to do. Just like that. Every time."

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