Wednesday, May 4, 2011

American Idol's Lauren Alaina Performs "Born to Fly"

American Idol Season 10's Lauren Alaina sings Sara Evans' "Born to Fly". The theme for the Top 7 Week was "Songs of the 21st Century". Last week, Producer Jimmy Iovine told Lauren, "You're a much, much stronger singer than Miley Cyrus," to motivate her. "There are times when Lauren goes on stage and she pulls back. It's her fear of failing, I believe." With "Born to Fly", Lauren thinks she "can take it to the next level, if I just believe." "If she gets over that hurdle, and risks it, she can win this whole thing," says Jimmy. "She's that magical a singer."

So, what do the other Idols think of Lauren Alaina? She thinks they'll make fun of the way she talks...and she's right! They also tease Lauren about how much she talks.

Lauren takes the stage, looking very cute and age-appropriate, doing her unique little step-march. Lauren sounds great, like always. But, this song does not let her shine. It is very safe, and doesn't allow her show off her huge vocals. Not what I thought she would pick to sing this late in the competition. Steven Tyler, a huge Lauren fan since auditions, praised, "I heard you say on that trailer that you didn't know what you're doin' sometimes. Anyone who doesn't know they can fail is bound to win. You’re so good naturally, and you have such a great swagger. I'd love you to sing some more Allison Krause, a little Faith Hill, Shania Twain. Beautiful." Jlo raved, "You do have such a special voice. It's not everybody that has so much color in their voice, where these beautiful little things come out in the middle of notes. Just so much character. You said "Everybody's out here singing these big notes." Why don't you do that? Try it. You can do that. Just let it out." Randy Jackson added, "You can sing anything. You think you can't sing those big notes, you sang that little Mariah (Carey) run at the end of the Sara Evans song. Every now and then, glimpses come out. You must believe. I don't even think she knows how good she is. Challenge yourself Lauren."

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