Wednesday, May 4, 2011

American Idol's James Durbin and Jacob Lusk Sing “I’m into Something Good”

What an interesting team to pair up for a duet! American Idol Season 10's Rocker God and Gospel King ~ James Durbin and Jacob Lusk ~ perform Carole King's “I’m into Something Good.” The boys found it hilarious that they would be paired up to sing a duet. "We're gonna take it to church. Can I get an Amen," joked the boys, obviously great friends.

James and Jacob figured, 'If we have to do a duet together, we're gonna have fun with it.' They really hammed it up. It was like an old Jerry Lewis and Dino skit.

Jacob and James left the stage and headed over to Jennifer Lopez at the judges table to serenade her ~ and 'fight' over her. Both boys hit some big, huge, crazy notes at the end. Steven Tyler said, "You guys were having fun. God know you can both sing great. Man, where were you going with all that?"

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