Thursday, May 5, 2011

American Idol's Haley Reinhart Sings Lady Gaga's “You and I” on the Top 5 Show

Haley Reinhart, American Idol Season 10's sexy, sassy ingenue, performs “You and I”, an unreleased song by Lady Gaga, for her first song on the Top 5 'Now~and~Then' Show. Haley gets a sit-down with host Ryan Seacrest where she explains, "Jimmy Iovine came to me, and he was really excited about this song. He said, "This isn't released yet, she does it at her concert. It's an amazing song. I think you would do a good take on it." Especially if I could get her blessing on it, speak to her and see if it's all right...I got to speak to Lady Gaga, and she was excited as well." Multiple Grammy Award winner Sheryl Crow helped the Idol finalist during rehearsals, as this week's celebrity mentor. Sheryl said, "I think Haley doing Lady Gaga, a song that isn't even released yet, is a super bold choice. I think she's definitely going to have a moment with this song." "She's got it," says Jimmy, "and taking on this song is just another way to show she's got it."

Haley looks fantastic, starting the song posed on the stairs. And she sounds great! With her huge vocals, growls and raspy voice, this song is the perfect choice for her. This is one of Haley's best performances, and a song like this really showcases the direction Haley should take as a recording artist after Idol. The audience is totally eating it up, though the judges don't look too thrilled. Jennifer Lopez criticized, "I love the way you sounded, especially at the end. You had some good moments within the song. I’m just not sure it was a cool idea to do an unreleased Lady Gaga track. I'm just not sure that was the best advice Jimmy gave you. At this point in the competition, when you have Scotty and James comin' out, doin' what they're doin'. I mean you just have to showcase yourself to the best you can every time, with songs that people are really going to connect to and love. And I just want you to do that because, again, you have such a great voice that I want you to come out and have that great moment every single time. And you've given us that before, so I know you can, with some really, really great songs. For me, it would have been a better choice to choose something everybody knew, that really showcased you in a better way. I'm sorry, baby." Randy Jackson added, "I’m not sure it’s that great of a song, and I'm sure you could have thought of other songs. I always think about you more in the Joss Stone way. It’s so risky to come out with a song no one's familiar with. You're a great singer, you proved it at the end of that. I don’t know if this whole thing did you any favors. The good thing about tonight is that you have a second song later." Steven Tyler, who obviously heard the same performance I did, (as I have no clue why JLo and Randy dissed Haley so hard...) praised, "I think you put all of Haley...your it. I loved it. I don't know the song. When someone can take a song they don't know and make it work, that's a beautiful thing. Hard thing, risky thing to do here. But I love what you do. I think you're just one perfect song away from being the American Idol."

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