Friday, May 27, 2011

American Idol Winner Scotty McCreery Answers Rumor of Dating Lauren Alaina, or Does He?

It was the kiss -- or kisses -- that sparked a thousand romance rumors.

When Scotty McCreery was crowned "American Idol's" Season 10 winner, the audience was more shocked by the kiss runner-up Lauren Alaina planted on him than the outcome of the competition.

Talking with reporters after the show, McCreery says he wasn't at all surprised by the smooch. "Everybody keeps asking me about the smooch," he said with a laugh. "She told me she was gonna do that before the show. She's a sweetheart."

Lauren, 16, shrugged off the kiss, but played coy when asked if she was dating the 17-year-old country crooner, offering a cute "Ask Scotty!" As she was walking away, she eyed Scotty and yelled down the red carpet, "They asked me if we're dating. I told them to ask you!" After he laughed off the comment, Lauren said, "I mean, I'll never tell! Secret's safe with me!"

Being the serious journalists we are, we followed Lauren's instructions to ask Scotty. In the press room, Scotty addressed the rumors head-on, saying, "She's a character, isn't she? We're really close friends...I don't know about the dating part. She's just being funny."

He also added, "She's such a sweetheart. We've grown so close. It's a special relationship we have."

Though they may not be dating, Scotty hopes they will record some music together in the near future. "I hope so. We've talked about it. She's a great girl. I can't say enough nice things about her," he gushed. "I think we sound great together so I think it would be a wise choice."
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