Sunday, April 10, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: An American Idol First! Season 10's PIA TOSCANO Lands Record Deal plus 2 Videos

Ousted New York 'American Idol' Star Lands a Record Deal -

Pia Toscano 'signs a record deal' ~ before the Season is over ~ after premature exit from American Idol

Her exit from American Idol may have been premature, but it seems Pia Toscano may have simply got a head start on her career.

Less than two days after the pretty brunette was unexpectedly booted off the show it has emerged she has already committed to signing a record deal.

To capitalize on her current fame Pia will immediately begin work on recording her debut album under the Interscope Records imprint, which is chaired by Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine.

Although American Idol bosses have not commented on the reports, a source told UsMagazine that the record label was rushing to get the 22-year-old New Yorker into the studio.

'Starting right after the show, Interscope told her they wanted her and first thing [Friday] morning Interscope brass started calling every top songwriter and producer in town to get an album together and rush release it,' the source revealed.

Pia, 22, was the judges' favorite to win the show, but received the least number of votes on Thursday.

The judges were visibly horrified at her departure, while thousands of fans took to forums to lobby for her return, even starting a petition.

Pia herself was sanguine about her departure during interviews with journalists yesterday.

Well aware that her secret deal was being drawn up off-screen, the popular contestant was happy to discuss her future.

'It was my time to go,' Pia Toscano said.

And she addressed reports that her up-tempo song choice was to blame, saying: "I feel like every mistake you make helps you grow as a person."

Pia Toscano's 'Goodbye' Video and Full Singout
Source:Daily Mail Reporter

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  1. Soooooooooooooo glad for Pia getting a recording contract!!

  2. Nice page. I still plan to boycott the sponsors of American Idol for not forcing American Idol to bring her back for a re-vote. The voting system was flawed, plain & simple. Be blessed Pia you are the Best

  3. Every time I watch Pia;s last performance, I cry like a little baby! Pia, believe in yourself, you are great and deserve so much more. This is one Canadian that loves and respect you, as a person and your singing! Don't give up, you would rob the world of a better place

    Luv and best wishes xo

  4. Never doubted for a single minute that a record deal would come through for this power house voice :)!!!

  5. Sometimes leaving Idol is a blessing in disguise for the most talented. Can't wait to pick up Pia's cd. Love u Pia! Blessings!

  6. Its really great that Pia is now becoming a real Idol.Go Pia Go,go,go!!We love you here in the Philippines...

  7. Not a surprise at all, she had killer vocals. I think other women got jealous of her look to be brutally honest! I heard on the radio some woman say she was a "one Trick pony" she showed em all, hope she has a great career!

  8. I Love to be able to say I said so""" "This is what I had to say about Pia" What a true singer is, and that is you..."keep your head up high because the 1st album you do will outsell all the rest Combined just like Daughtry did" that is why Chris Daughtry was let go at #3 spot They knew he was going to be great, Just Like I knew Pia Toscano is going to be great" I will say one more time that, I am so sorry to have seen the injustice last night it truly had me crying, I love you and your abilities just charge on I will miss you". Sincerely Douglas Pokrant

  9. I'm very happy for you pia:)

  10. After reading the news on Pia signing with Interscope and watching her as she finds out about being voted off, I'm thinking that maybe this was the plan for her. It sounds like she had a signing in the works reguardless of being voted off or not. Could it be that she wanted to leave AI and they made it seem like she was voted off? I have a hard time believing that she had the least amount of votes. Don't get me wrong, this season's contestants are by far the best yet but I honestly can't see the comparison between her, Jacob, and Stephano. She is on a whole other level then the other 2 who were in the bottom 3. I can see many record labels offering her something she couldn't refuse just to back out of AI. Whatever the case may be she is going to be very successfull and sell many records. Too bad AI couldn't back her name...they would have made a ton of money off of her. GOOD LUCK PIA! Can't wait to buy your album!

  11. no doubt in my mind that your grand father is very proud of you. Keep your head up and believe me you have nothing to worry about. take care Pia I love you and the way you perform, so don't change a thing. jim from colorado. ;-)

  12. pia is the best ever,i love her.....from this all american should know who is the best for idol,don't just vote because you like them....from cindy...russia

  13. Ok it is AMERICAN IDOL!! no one made them bring Chris Daughtry back....... I do like pia. but if you don't like the out come maybe you should vote. thats why it is up to America..

  14. She should of been the American Idol this year, but I knew with her talent she would land a deal. So excited for her. I do not see any of the other singers being an American Idol except for Scotty. She was it!! Best of luck Pia and I look forward to hearing you on the radio!

  15. Pia is number one - why dont they bring her back? It would improve ratings.

  16. Pia, you did nothing wrong with your song choice, even when you hv your first album, you will need an up tempo song. You delivered River Deep Mountain High flawlessly. The only fault was your outfit. It wasn't you. Gwen Stefani shouldn't be the stylist that week! Another fault? Maybe America had carpel tunnel syndrome this week. You are perfect as you are Pia. You are made for greatness and don't need to wait/waste your time on winning American Idol. Wait for your first Grammy !!!

  17. Also, don't worry too much about what J.Lo said about how you shld improve your moves on stage. You are a classic performer, that of Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion and Aretha Franklin, you don't need to strut on stage like Christina A, Britney Spears or J.Lo for that matter, your voice is your key performance and it alone is capable of moving your audience river deep mountain high, you don't need to distract your audience with the moves. Go with your classy style, that's a winner!!

  18. Pia for President in 2012!!!!!.......It's in her name:
    P- President
    I- In
    A- America
    There's no way she should have been voted off. So run for President and get all your votes back, plus many, many more!!!! :D

  19. Your a 1st class act thru and thru Pia, its great to hear you landed a record deal ALREADY! And I agree it was strictly the song you were given to sing that led to fewer votes, it was sung great but it was complex and unfamiliar to many people I think. This is why it didnt stick to the heart like some of the other true CLASSICS sung by the others. Love ya Pia..cant wait to hear more of you!

  20. Yeah, Pia is a 1st class act all on her own. It was stricly the song that cost her the votes, not her performace. The other Idols were singing true classics of rock..she got an unfamiliar and complicated song. So glad I will be able to hear more of you soon! Love ya girl, you rock!

  21. Pia...
    As this is all part of His MASTER PLAN, you are clearly the most gifted vocalist to be on the show - EVER and America and the World will look forward to buying your Records and seeing you live as your career explodes!

    Stay Humble and live your Dream.
    Wayne & Lynne Cullinan
    Minneapolis, MN 55410