Sunday, April 17, 2011

American Idol's Stefano Langone Sings "End of the Road" on the Top 8 Show

Stefano Langone, American Idol Season 10's Teen Heart-Throb, sang "End of the Road. The theme for the Top 8 Show is "Music from the Movies", and Stefano decided on this Boyz II Men song from the movie Boomerang starring Eddie Murphy. Stefano was so good in rehearsals, producer Jimmy Iovine told Stefano that if he brought that song in to the record company, they'd release it.

Stefano takes the stage dressed for the gym, in another pair of ridiculous-looking sneakers. Stefano gives a very solid performance. C'mon Stefano, after being in the bottom three several times, people are dissecting EVERY aspect of your performance, not just the singing. We've seen you look great before; tonight should have been a suit night! He's technically right on tonight, holding some very long notes on a song that probably will not be memorable to voters in another hour. Stefano ends on a long, beautiful note, and the audience loves it. The three judges are excited with Stefano's performance, but may be overdoing it to make up for last week's looks of shock and horror when Pia was voted out instead of Stefano. Randy Jackson raved, "Dude! I sure my friend (from Boys II Men) will be texting me any minute to say “your man Stefano just slayed the song.” You now believe. Forget you being in the bottom three. You made the right move at the right time. Best vocal on this stage to date. Congrats. Stefano's in it to win it!" Steven Tyler said, "You know how to milk a song. This is so not the end of the road for you, this is only the beginning." Jennifer Lopez added, "It's like you got it. It’s about being a great performer. You are absolutely right. You now know the key. You gotta stop singing to stay, and gotta start singing to win. You did it tonight.”

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