Thursday, April 28, 2011

American Idol's Scotty McCreery Croons “You’ve Got a Friend” on the Top 6 Show

Scotty McCreery, American Idol Season 10's 'Country Wonder', croons “You’ve Got a Friend”. The theme for the Top 6 Show is "Music by Carole King". "It's time to really go at it. Full steam ahead," says an always confident Scotty. "What we tried to do, was get him to start the song off really soft, and not in that traditional Scotty voice. So the song would have some impact. This is the most romantic song Scotty's tried to sing yet. So what he has to do tonight is deliver that subtlety, that poignancy in a way that it moves those judges and move the audience. Cuz if he doesn't, he could possibly get overshadowed tonight," warns producer Jimmy Iovine.

There's not a chance in the world Scotty will be overshadowed tonight! Even though Scotty never moved from his seat on the steps, he commanded the entire stage. Scotty's performance had so much emotional impact, so much depth, it still amazes me he's only 16. This is truly the first time Scotty didn't sing a Country Western song, and he showed off his amazing versatility. Scotty will definitely be gaining some new fans after this performance! And many more girls are going to fall in love with Scotty. Randy Jackson raved, "You know what was really cool about this? You turned the other cheek from last week. You said, "Okay, I'm gonna slow it down, I'm gonna do a whole tender moment thing. The beginning of that was flawless. It was like amazing. He's showing this buttery tenor, cuz always you start with the baritone. I've never even heard you sing in that tone. Didn't even know you had that range. Excellent job. Just one criticism, when you hit those high notes, just don’t fall off them the way you do. Just gently let it come down. Other than that, it was flawless. Loved it. Scotty's trying to win it!" Steven Tyler echoed Randy, "I know when you were singing at the top of your register, it was because you were really at the top of your register, so you didn't hold it all that long. We're always saying, "If Scotty could just find that just right song that shows all of you off," and this right here was it. I don’t think you’ve ever sang better. The front was beautiful. It still had that Country thing that Scotty's so good about, but you also took us somewhere else, and I loved that about you, Man." Jennifer Lopez added, "When we hear you sing a song like that, that's why we couldn't let you get away with what you did last week. There was the kinda reaching for the higher register in your voice, and I think you’re getting much better at that. In the beginning, you wouldn't have tried to go there at all. It's great to see you doing that. Again, for me, the strength for you is always in the story-telling. You told that story beautifully." Even Ryan Seacrest praised Scotty, saying, "It's like you're singing to one person when you look into that camera." Every girl in the audience wishes Scotty was looking at her with those sexy eyes!

Pre-Performance Video



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