Friday, April 1, 2011

American Idol's Scotty McCreery Croons "Country Comfort" on Top 11 Revived

Scotty McCreery, American Idol Season 10's 'Good Ole Country Boy', croons "Country Comfort". Idol contestants take on classics by the legendary Sir Elton John in this week's 'Top 11 Revived' Show.

Scotty choose this little known Elton John song simply because, "It had the word 'Country' in it, so I thought I'd give it a look." This is the one and only Country Western song done by Elton John; a fairly good job since the British aren't known for their Country Music hits!

Scotty took the stage with his guitar and a bravado that's amazing for a 16 year old. He pandered to the "Aw shucks, what a sweet young man-" vote by singing a line about grandma, then giving HIS grandma in the audience a shout-out. Overall, another strong, if safe performance by Scotty. The audience loves him, ad he had all three judges smiling and applauding. The always eccentric Steven Tyler started off the critique with, "Scotty, there's nothing I can say to you that an old-fashioned pair of high-heeled cowboy boots wouldn't fix." Huh?? "I love everything about your voice." Jennifer Lopez said, "You have amazing instincts about performing, and about what's right for you. A good performance." Randy Jackson raved, "Dude, you have seasoned so fast on this show, I thought I was watching at your show, at your concert, like you're already 'there'. That song could be on your record."

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  1. great voice but can he sing other genres? an american idol has to be an all around singer and performer

  2. casey and haley are the most versatile, energenic and lively performers i hope both of them gets the top two spot