Thursday, April 14, 2011

American Idol's Lauren Alaina Performs “The Climb” for the Top 8 Show

Lauren Alaina, American Idol Season 10's sweet and funny Southern Belle, performs "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. The theme for the Top 8 Show is "Music from the Movies", and Lauren choose Hannah Montana The Movie. "I picked this song because it's about a young girl who is struggling to reach her dreams," said Lauren, who is that young girl right now. Lauren received a huge vote of confidence from Interscope Producer Jimmy Iovine when he told her, "You're a much, much stronger singer than Miley Cyrus." Jimmy added, "With this song, you can take all those (Pia's) fan, those votes." And thinks she can "bring the house down...with a Miley Cyrus song."

Lauren looks great! So much better than the disastrous faux-hawk and ill-fitting shorts of last week. She's gaining more and more confidence each week. Jimmy was right, Lauren sang "The Climb" much better than the original. This girl has pipes! Her voice is so strong and the Country twang so slight, that she really can sing any ballad. Lauren poured her heart into this performance, and really enjoyed herself, ending the song with a huge smile on her face. She knows she nailed it! Another standing O from the audience, and Jennifer Lopez was applauding and smiling like she truly enjoyed it! Jennifer praised, "I loved hearing you sing this, and I loved the tear you have in your voice. It's a cry. It's something that really transmits. You sang it so beautifully, you don’t need to steal anybody’s're getting plenty of your own." Randy Jackson said, You know what I love? The Lauren that we first saw in Nashville is roaring back. We've believed in you since day one. We all said, "Oh my God! This girl is so talented." It sounds like it was written for you. Amazing." Steven Tyler, so smitten with Lauren, added, "I love what you bring to a song, and more, what a song brings to you. And how you own it, and your spirit, and your voice. Beautiful. You move me beyond tears."

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