Tuesday, April 5, 2011

American Idol's Jacob Lusk Performs "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" on the Top 11 Revived Show

Jacob Lusk, American Idol Season 10's 'King of Gospel', remains a front-runner after performing "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word". Idol contestants took on the classics by the legendary Sir Elton John in this week's 'Top 11 Revived' Show.

Jacob choose "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word", saying, "The first time I heard it, I actually heard it from Mary J. Blige, not Elton John. Ironically (yeah, right!), when I was rehearsing my song, Mary J. Blige just "happened" to be in the back of the room." American Idol has been pretty bad with product placement, i.e. Coca-Cola and Ford, and questionable marketing practices, but to pimp out young Jacob's rehearsals for pre-publicity of Mary J. Blige's September Interscope album release was just tacky.

Jacob Lusk takes the stage with him cool, calm confidence, but then went against Interscope Producer Jimmy Iovine's advice and "over-dramatized". Once, again, Jacob gave a technically perfect performance. The audience just loves Jacob. Steven Tyler raved, "I watch how far out there, or in there, you get when you sing, and for that alone I think you're wonderful. I loved the whole thing. Once again, you slayed me." Jennifer Lopez loved Tricky Stewart's arrangement of the song, saying it "was amazing." Jennifer added, "It was beautiful. He tailored it to you. He made it yours. You made it your own. It was really beautiful, and that last note, you don't see (hear???) that everyday." Randy Jackson, sounding a bit like Steven, said, "Jacob, you know I love you, I always do. I liked the arrangement. I thought it was a beautiful song for you, and the first half was brilliant. Always remember, you got that race horse, and that gas in the tank, so give me one spot where you go all the way up. I like that you used restraint. It was brilliant."

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