Thursday, April 28, 2011

American Idol's Jacob Lusk Performs “Oh No Not My Baby” on the Top 6 Show

Jacob Lusk, known on American Idol Season 10 as 'Luther Lusk' (after his many comparisons to Luther Vandross) performed “Oh No Not My Baby”. The theme for the Top 6 Show was "The Songs of Carole King". "What the judges want from Jacob is to soar, to riff, to just go off. Now it's Jacob's job to come up with parts to move those judges and this audience. He's an incredible singer, but I think he's in the most jeopardy," says Interscope producer and mentor Jimmy Iovine.

Even though Jacob sounded frustrated during rehearsals when he said he practiced the song 65 times, he was totally up-beat and smiling when he took the stage. Wow! Jacob's back! And I'm pretty sure after this amazing performance of "Oh No Not My Baby," we'll be seeing Jacob again next week! Jacob didn't over-sing it, nor did he get over-theatrical. One of his better performances. Jacob had fun with it, and you could tell he knew nailed it by the look on his face! The audience went crazy, and all the judges loved it. Steven Tyler praised, "We all knew you could sing, it was time you shook your tail feathers! That was beautiful, man. That character, and the dancing, and the voice...that's what we're looking for. When you strut like that, that's the magic." Jennifer Lopez said, "That was a tricky song to pick, and to stick with it. Here and there were little spaces where it wasn’t perfect. You bring in that performance, you bring it home in the end, you killed it." Randy Jackson critiqued, "There were a couple spots where it was a little sharp, here and there. What I loved that you did this week, you really brought yourself back, you had an energetic performance, and you sung. The scatting was incredible. You're here because you're a great singer. So hopefully you'll stick around."

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