Saturday, April 16, 2011

American Idol's Haley Reinhart Tells the Boys "Call Me" on the Top 8 Show

Haley Reinhart, American Idol Season 10's Sexy and Sassy Blonde, sang "Call Me" by Blondie. The theme for the Top 8 Show is "Music from the Movies", and Haley choose "Call Me" which is featured in the movie American Gigolo, starring Richard Gere. Jimmy Iovine thinks this is a very difficult song to sing. "It's hard to do a song by such a stylist as Debbie Harry. Haley now has to transform herself, not into Debbie Harry, but into a personality and a character equally as powerful." Unfortunately, this seems to have been Haley's problem all along. She doesn't really know who she is as an artist, and always seems to be acting out a character on stage, rather than being herself. You can see her mind working ~ "Ok, they want me to transform myself into a character, and this character would look right, then look left and point, now walk three steps and dip." All of her movements seem calculated, not natural. Which is unfortunate, because when Haley gets it right, she's a brilliant singer! Her "Bennie and The Jets" was inspired. The hiss on "Jetsssss", the rasps and growls - all wonderful

Haley struts onto the stage from behind the judges' platform. She looks great! She's dressed perfectly for singing a song by the uber-sexy Debbie Harry. But, Haley was paying too much attention to her movements again. Haley really has great potential. The parts she gets right are fantastic. She has a very unique, beautiful voice. Her rasps and growls are sexy. If she paid as much attention to the notes as she does to the 'act', she could win this competition. She does look like she really enjoyed herself tonight, and the audience loves her. Randy Jackson criticized, "Honest, I didn’t love the beginning of it. At the end, you kinda started getting into the song. It felt when it started very karaoke to me. It wasn't a singer's song to show what you really have, and why you should stay in this to win it. It wasn’t a showcase for your voice for me." Steven Tyler, so in love with Haley he's stumbling over his words again, said, "I agree, but when you sing choruses, and you nail them, on that just-right song...this song is like a chorus. That "Call Me" was beautiful. You sang it heavy, you sang it great. I love that thing you got on. It's gorgeous too. Here's looking up your (old address?) dress." Jennifer Lopez praised Haley, saying, "I love when you started wailing at the end. And I'm gonna agree more with Randy, except I’m afraid to say anything negative, cuz I don’t want any of the girls to go home! I feel like all the girls are getting voted off, and I don't like that. We have strong girl singers, and they deserve to be here. Vote for the girls! But, it wasn't the best. After two killer performances like you just gave, Baby, you gotta keep taking it higher and higher. Songs that challenge you."

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