Thursday, April 28, 2011

American Idol's Haley Reinhart Belts Out "Beautiful" on the Top 6 Show

Haley Reinhart, American Idol Season 10's Sexy and Sassy Torch Singer, belted out "Beautiful" to the delight of the audience. "The Songs of Carole King" was the theme for the Top 6 Show. This is actually a broader theme than at first thought, as Carole King wrote songs of many different genres. Plus, the mark of a truly genius songwriter, "A mastermind of song writing," according to Haley, is the ability to re-arrange their songs into whatever genre you choose...James Taylor-like for Scotty McCreery or Jazzy for Casey Abrams. Haley choose "Beautiful" saying, "It sounds really Beatle-esque to me. It's groovy, and uplifting at the same time." In changing the arrangement of the song, Babyface said Haley "caught on really quickly. That’s the sign of a good artist."

Haley Reinhart takes the stage, looking "Beautiful"! Her self-confidence is really improving, and Haley really commands the stage now. Great arrangement; the song sounds very current, and great phrasing. Really of great choice of songs to showcase her range and huge vocals. Amazing ending. The audience goes wild. Being the final song, this memorable performance will garner Haley a ton of votes. Steven Tyler exclaimed, "Haley you are as beautiful as all that song is. I just saw God. I heard God in your voice. You just nailed it now. You did, yes you did." Jlo praised, "Beautiful. You have one of the best voices in this competition. Amazing." Randy Jackson, the contrarian, added, "I didn’t love the beginning, but I loved the end. The git was good, but the end was where I got a little bit more excited."

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