Wednesday, April 13, 2011

American Idol's Country Boy Scotty McCreery Gives Us a Little Elvis ~ "That's All Right Mama" ~ on the Top 9 Show

American Idol Season 10's Country Boy Scotty McCreery shakes it up with Elvis Presley's "That's All Right Mama". For the Top 9 Show, Idol contestants took on songs from the legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. "That's All Right Mama" was the first single released by Elvis Presley. It was written and originally performed by Blues singer Arthur Crudup. Elvis' version was recorded on July 5th, 1954, and released on July 19th, 1954 with "Blue Moon of Kentucky" as the B-side. It is #112 on the 2004 Rolling Stone magazine list of the "500 Greatest Songs of All Time". Elvis Presley has been inducted into four music halls of fame: the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1986), the Country Music Hall of Fame (1998), the Gospel Music Hall of Fame (2001), and the Rockabilly Hall of Fame (2007).

The Top 9 American Idol contestants had the help of an all-star cast of celebrity mentors for 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame' Week. These included of the Black Eyed Peas, who helped the Idol contestants with their song choices and gave production/arrangement advice along with Jimmy Iovine, and No Doubt's Gwen Stefani who acted as wardrobe stylist to the Idols with clothes from her L.A.M.B. line.

YouTube - Scotty McCreery, That's Alright Mama, American Idol, 4/7/11, Top 9

Scotty choose "That's All Right Mama" "by the King of Rock-n-Roll, Elvis Presley. As a kid, I was a huge Elvis fan, so it seemed very fitting to sing Elvis this week," says Scotty. (Above photo ~ Scotty impersonating Elvis at a very young age!) Scotty mixed it up a bit, giving "It's All Right Mama" an 'edge', a Rock feel. It's still unbelievable that Scotty is only 16! He has such amazing stage presence, swagger and charisma on stage, he's like a seasoned professional! The crowd went wild for Scotty's performance. Another winner! Scotty has shown once again why he's the front-runner and favorite to win. Randy Jackson yelled, "Scotty is in it to win it, y'all! Anybody who thought you were a one trick pony, that all you did was the Country thing, you can perform. This was amazing. You were having fun. This was like a new Scotty. We've never seen this side. Scotty's in it to win it! Who's gonna beat him?" Steven Tyler got all eccentric on us again, saying, "I thought you were all hat and no cattle, but you brought Elvis into the house. You did it well." Jennifer Lopez praised, "You’re having fun with it. You’re funny. That's what entertainment is. I feel a little bit of flavor in your moves. I love it."

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