Tuesday, April 26, 2011

American Idol's Casey Abrams Performs "Harder to Breathe" on the Top 7 Show

American Idol Season 10's Casey Abrams performs Maroon 5's "Harder to Breathe" on the Top 7 Show. The theme for the Top 7 was 'Songs of the 21st Century'. This is always a great theme night on Idol, because it allows the audience ~ the future music purchasers ~ the opportunity to hear what kind of artist the Idols will when they begin recording after the show. "Last week, Jimmy really was against me doing my own stuff. I'm glad that he cares so much, and that he disagrees with what I have to say sometimes," says Casey, who thought Jimmy's suggestion this week were brilliant. ""Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5 was a song Casey really wanted to do.. I think it is a good choice because he sings it like crazy," praises Jimmy Iovine, adding, "Casey's as stubborn as one of my sons. You gotta let Casey go, to do his thing."

So, what do the other Idol finalist think of Casey Abrams? "The other contestants can't make fun of me. Look at this face," jokes Casey. Scotty, Lauren and the other idols are interviewed...wearing fake Casey beards, and playing a red plastic melodica. "Casey is...unusual," says Scotty McCreery. "With every genius, there's always something that's a little different. I would definitely say he's pretty much a genius," praises Jacob Lusk.

Casey starts "Harder to Breathe" with just a piano and his vocals, then on the chorus, the band comes in....with Casey on guitar. Casey puts a lot of emotion into the song, growling with anger and frustration. This is different than anything Casey has yet performed. Casey mixes things up, adding in some scatting. Casey gets quieter and quieter on the final chorus, moving towards the judges' table, where he plants a kiss on Jennifer's cheek. The audience and all three judges love it! Steven Tyler says, with a touch of jealousy, "You did what I've been trying to do for two moths!" A blushing Jennifer Lopez giggles, "See now, Casey’s not playing fair! Casey’s got soft lips! I loved it...the, the performance! The performance was great. It was really really great. Again, you brought your own...your Caseyisms to it. You took a very kind of pop-rock song and took it all the way rock. Good job." Randy Jackson raved, "What I love about Casey, is always it’s about surprise, surprise surprise. I enjoyed it. Continue to take chances. It's almost like you're Jazz~Indie~kinda~Rock~guy. You fit all of those genres. Amazing job, Dude. I love it! I can't wait to see what you do every time." Steven Tyler raved, "Casey, Man, you already are a cult hero." Steven got bleeped. "You’ve changed so many people’s minds, because you're so good, and you're that kind of an artist. I love it Man."

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