Thursday, April 14, 2011

American Idol's Casey Abrams Performs "Nature Boy" on the Top 8 Show

Casey Abrams, American Idol Season 10's 'Sexy Beast' and one true artist/musician, performed “Nature Boy” by Nat King Cole. The theme for the Top 8 Show is "Music from the Movies", and Casey choose the theme song from the "The Boy With Green Hair" saying, "It is so hard to find a song that defines me as an artist. And this week, thank God, I have a song that I really just love." Jimmy Iovine wanted Casey to do something 'bigger'. "This show is like a hurricane, and if you really whisper, ain't nobody gonna hear you." Jimmy thought Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" was a much better choice, saying, "Every performer on this show has got to do a song that they say, "This can make me win." Casey thinks it would be a good show, but doesn't want "to lose myself in this process. I'm not going to feel comfortable on the stage unless I'm doing what I know I can do."

Casey takes the stage looking like a Cool Cat in his suit, with his upright bass, and bongos and piano on stage. It was like being in an uber hip Jazz club, lounge or cabaret. Casey was great with his growls and scatting. Casey is so confident on stage, he's willing to take huge risks that the other contestants won't. Great performance! Not your typical American Idol pop fare. It looked like the young audience actually got it. Casey received a very long standing ovation ~ not just from the audience, but from all three judges as well! (A VERY RARE occurrence.) Jennifer Lopez raved, "I gotta say, at the beginning I was nervous, "He's not going to win any popularity contests with this song." I hope that America got that, because you bring that special, special thing to music. And those notes at the end? Woo-hoo!" Randy Jackson said, "We have real true artists on the show. I don't think we’ve ever had anybody exactly like you, ever. You've given a Grammy kind of performance. It’s about embracing who you are. I can see you making an extended (Michael) Buble kind of record. I thought it was brilliant. Genius. It's makes me proud to judge artists." Steven Tyler added, "You are an artist in the truest sense of the word. You took a song by Nat King Cole, who sang "Keemo, kimo stare-o-stare
Ma-hye, ma-ho, ma-rump-sticka-pumpernickel. Soup-bang, nip-cat, polly-mitcha-cameo," and you took a song that my mama sang to me when I was a little baby, and you do what’s in your heart. You believe what was in your heart, and you did it. That's the truest sense of artist. You are so good man."

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