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American Idol Diva Pia Toscano Performs "River Deep - Mountain High" on the Top 9 Show

American Idol Season 10's Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Diva Pia Toscano belts out "River Deep - Mountain High" by Ike and Tine Turner. The theme for the Top 9 Show was songs from the legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame...and the Idol contestants had hundreds of great songs to choose from. Spanning sixteen years together as a recording group, Ike and Tina's repertoire included Rock & Roll, Soul, Blues and Funk. They are known for their wild and entertaining dance shows and especially for their scintillating cover of "Proud Mary", for which they won a Grammy Award. The duo were inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1991. Fefe Dobson, who portrayed Tina Turner in the TV series American Dreams, performed "River Deep - Mountain High" at the 2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

The Top 9 American Idol contestants had the help of an all-star cast of celebrity mentors for 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame' Week. of the Black Eyed Peas helped the Idol contestants with their song choices and gave advice on arrangements with Jimmy Iovine, and No Doubt's Gwen Stefani acted as wardrobe stylist to the Idols with clothes from her L.A.M.B. line.

Pia choose "River Deep - Mountain High" because "it's a nice up-tempo number," that she thinks will be fun. When Tina Turner performed this song, she went wild on-stage! told Pia that she needed to "Wow-Pow 'em." Pia's hoping to "shock everybody. I can't wait to show that other side to me...that performer." Pia strutted out to the stage, but the Gwen Stefani 'styling' was a huge fail! From the neck up ~ absolute perfection! Neck down ~ ugh! Pia belted out the song with her incredibly strong voice. She was technically perfect again, but she just didn't seem comfortable moving around the stage. It was like "I'm going to walk around the judges, because I was told to command the stage." She's still not understanding what the judges are telling her with their weekly critiques. Her 'walk' didn't add anything to her performance. If anything, it distracted from the singing since everyone could see she was dreading every step. Pia ended "River Deep - Mountain High" on one of her powerfully amazing notes, held forever! The crowd went wild. So does judge Jennifer Lopez! Aerosmith's Steven Tyler yelled, "Murderer! Murderer! You killed it! There are a million guys in a million bars having a million drinks about you tonight. That was great." Jennifer raved, "That was amazing. Vocally you proved to us that you can sing an uptempo. You are really, really, really special up there. Again, I’m going to keep pushing you. You need to start studying all the great entertainers. You are spectacular. But keep studying. Get greater; get that performance into it." Randy Jackson added, "I believe we all believe in you. We think everyone in this competition, Top 9, are so uber talented. You can definitely deliver on an up-tempo. All you need to do now is work on the movement. Find whatever your little move, your little vibe is. Pia is in it to win it!"

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"River Deep - Mountain High" is a 1966 single by Ike and Tina Turner. Considered by producer Phil Spector to be his best work, the single was successful in Europe, peaking at #3 in the United Kingdom, though it flopped on its original release in the United States. Spector claimed to be pleased with the response from the critics and his peers, but he then withdrew from the music industry for two years, beginning his personal decline.

After Eric Burdon covered the song in 1968, Tina's single was re-released a year later, and has since become one of Tina Turner's signature songs.

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