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AINOW's Live Blog: Conference Call With Thia Megia & Naima Adedapo plus Good Day LA and MY Fox Morning After Interviews

After the double elimination of Thia Megia and Naima Adedapo on American Idol Season 10, the two female finalists did a round of interviews. Here is AINOW's Live Blog: Conference Call With Thia and Naima.

Thia Megia was asked about her previous experience performing. She spoke about when she was 5 and she was at a birthday party and got up on a coffee table and sung for her family. That's when she realized her passion for singing.

Thia didn't know what to expect for the eliminations, so she had a mixture of emotions before getting up on stage. "Everyone else is so incredible, you prepare yourself for whatever happens."

Thia had to do about 4 hours of school everyday. She felt that she didn't really get enough rehearsal time because of it. But it was also an advantage, because school was an escape from stress. And she had the opportunity to bond with the other minors.

Thia didn't have a favorite part of the competition - she enjoyed every part of it! She is going to miss the vocal coaches. She says she has grown so much as an artist and a person.

Thia was asked if the girls were concerned about going home first, considering that happened last season. She said that there was a little concern because the girls knew that the Idol audience is more female so their votes would go to the guys.

When asked what artists Thia would like to work with, she said Adele and Jason Mraz. She also enjoys Billie Holiday.

Thia regrets not doing more upbeat songs. However, she doesn't regret her last song, because she dedicated it to her big brother. She doesn't want "to come off as just a ballad singer."

Thia felt a bit devastated last night, but she knows that things happen for a reason and this is not the end of the road for her.

She's looking forward to being able to sing songs that she really wants to do on the tour. One song she wishes she could have sung is "Chasing Pavements" by Adele.

Thia is very excited about the future!

And now to Naima...

Naima Adedapo was asked about how she consoled Lauren because she was a bit of a mother figure to Lauren. Naima was concerned for Lauren because Lauren is so attached to Thia. But they will reunite, so she's not worried.

One of her favorite parts of the competition was the shopping! She got such a kick out of it, especially when items weren't expensive and she could get a lot of stuff for the money. Her stylist really knew her style.

Naima has a strong dance background. She said she was part of many dance troupes. She did hip hop and African Dance. She was a part of many African dance companies in Milwaukee. She also studied dance in college.

Naima is a 4th generation entertainer. She said that Chicago is rich with culture and the community that her mother kept her around growing up was all artists. She thinks that was the early shaping of her artistry.

She really wanted to show every piece of herself and show something different every time. She has really strong roots in Reggae, so that's why she did it. Some people were concerned, but she stays true to herself. She has no regrets about anything she has done on the show and was happy to be able to show that side of herself.

She thinks she struck people in a "different kind of way." It was hard for people to place her in a certain category, which may have made it hard for people to vote for her.

Naima and Thia on Good Day LA

Naima on Fox Boston.

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