Tuesday, April 12, 2011

AINOW's Live Blog: Conference Call With PIA TOSCANO

The morning after American Idol Season 10's beautiful Diva Pia Toscano was voted out - to the shock of the nation - she did an online interview with AINOW. Read on for excerpts from AINOW's Live Blog Conference with Pia.

Why do you think the voters didn't show up for you?

Pia really doesn't know. The night before she had a weird feeling in her performance. She felt good about her performance. But she felt like she would be in the bottom 3.

Would she have done anything differently?

Absolutely not! You learn and grow from the experiences. She agrees with the constructive criticism from the judges.

She agrees with the judges that she needed to change things up. It wasn't too much out of her comfort zone. At home she does a lot of the up tempo songs. She is a little shy and gets a little stage fright, which may have shown through.

Which judge did she most identify with?

She connected with all 3. "They are so nurturing." She was very overwhelmed last night. She said they were very supportive (and also seemed shocked). She described Jennifer Lopez as "perfection." "She is stunning inside and out."

How have the last few hours been with getting so much support?

"It's the best feeling in the world!"

Who would she like to work with in the future?

She would love to work with Ryan Tedder in the future.

When they called her name as being eliminated, she looked at the judges. She doesn't remember why. Her mind was such a blur and it was such an emotional night. It was hard for her to see Jennifer Lopez with tears running down her face.

What type of songs will you sing on tour?

For tour, she plans on doing both ballads and uptempos.

Although many say you have the best voice, you were criticized for your stage performance. What is your response?

"Well, a lot of people don't know that I have a lot of stage fright. I need to work on that." She does a lot of deep breathing before she goes on.

Pia has plans for the future. She knows doors will open for her - they already have. She's looking forward to going on tour. She's excited to see what the future holds.

Did Pia talk with Stefano after?

Stefano is a good friend of hers. He really thought he was the one that was going. She felt that he was so upset about the situation. But Pia believes that he deserves to be in the Top 8. "Everything happens for a reason."

Does Pia think people just assumed she was safe and didn't vote?

She really doesn't know why. But it was her time to go and now she's just excited to see what her future holds.

People have been asking if a woman can win American Idol again. What does Pia think? Is it a harder hill for women to climb?

Pia feels that all of the contestants are extremely strong, so a woman definitely has a chance to win.

Having been on the show, has her perception changed from what she thought of it prior to being on it?

It was an amazing experience! Everyone wants the best for you and they don't want you to go home. That was probably the biggest surprise for her.

Does Pia wish she went in as more of an underdog?

She feels like she flew under the radar at the beginning. She wasn't really shown in Hollywood week or her auditions. She doesn't wish anything different. She is happy the way everything happened.

Is Pia planning to stay in New York or move to Hollywood?

She is going to go home for a little while, but may move to Hollywood after the tour. She doesn't know at this point. She is very close with her family in New York, but she loves it in LA.

Steven Tyler said online that he thinks Pia was voted off because people are jealous of her. What does she think of that?

She is honored by that comment, but she really doesn't know why she was voted off.

Did the medic walk her off the stage last night?

Yes, she wasn't feeling very well. It was very hard for her to get through the song when she was singing. She was trying to take deep breathes, but it wasn't working. She got lightheaded. It was just overwhelming.

Pia would be interested in doing movies, musicals, commercials, everything!

Did any of the judge express regrets that they had already used the judges save?

No, but they did say they wished they could have helped her out. Pia thinks that Casey deserves to still be in the competition.

What can Pia do before the tour? Can she work in the studio?

She will when she is given the green light. But now she is just preparing for the tour. She will be watching the show and rooting for everyone.

What was it like to work with Gwen Stefani when choosing her outfit?

"She is absolutely gorgeous in person. She was a breathe of fresh air - the sweetest thing in the world."

Pia plans to have an album in the future. It will be pop with an R&B influence. Power ballads and fun dance tracks as well.

Pia thanks everyone for supporting her and believing in her.
source: ainow.org

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