Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stefano Langone Sings Stevie Wonder's "Lately" on the AI Top 13 Show

American Idol Season 10 Heartthrob Stefano Langone sings "Lately" by Stevie Wonder. Idols choose a song by their personal 'Idol' this week. Stefano said he picked Stevie Wonder because "the layers in his songs, and really just the way he's carried himself throughout his career is really unbelievable." Stefano choose "Lately "because the words tell a story and that's what music is about."

Stefano's arrangement of "Lately" was a bit schizophrenic - going from ballad to disco. But Stefano pours his whole heart into his songs; it's just so emotional, he can't help but connect to his audience. The camera cuts to Jennifer Lopez really getting into the song, and judge Randy Jackson shaking his head "Oh, yes" with a smile. The audience and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler give Stefano a standing ovation. Steven said, “Ste-FA-no (in a bad, fake Italian accent), you pulled it off. By the time it end it was just soil(???) to a volcano. Arrangement was crazy. You pulled it off. Beautiful.” Jennifer Lopez praised, “You had me dancing there for a minute there Baby. It wasn’t just a copy of it, it was really you. And that's what I loved about it. It was really you.” Randy Jackson raved, “It started off a little rocky for me. It's so hard to sing Stevie, man. He’d be proud of this. You slayed it. By the middle of the song, you were soaring. Very nicely done.”

"Lately" is a song by American singer Stevie Wonder recorded for his album "Hotter than July" (1981). The song was notably covered by R&B group Jodeci and released as a promotional single for the live album "Uptown MTV Unplugged" in June 1993. Jason Elias at Allmusic praised the song, believing that unlike some of Wonder's similar material, "Lately" in particular hit all the perfect emotional and musical notes. Of the song's emotional power itself Elias stated, "it's enough to make a listener fall prey to an old-fashioned cry."

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