Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stefano Langone says "Hello" on the American Idol Top 11 Show

American Idol Season 10's Heartthrob Stefano Langone performs Lionel Ritchie's "Hello". Idol contestants pay tribute to the Motor City ~ Motown ~ for the theme of the Top 11 Show. "I grew up on Motown," says Stefano.

Stefano picked "Hello" because he knew "it was a song I could really connect with, really deliver well." Stefano changed his style a bit, he needed to "pull back, since the song is so intimate, I need to let it grow, let it blossom." Stefano did a beautiful job with this song, especially since Lionel Ritchie songs are so hard to sing. The audience loved it. But the American Idol judges did't seem to think he fully connected. Jennifer Lopez, with a huge smile for her 'Baby' Stefano said, "We want you to connect. I want you to sing like you’re telling somebody a story. I don't want the intensity to come from you wanting to do well, but because your heart is breaking. Once you do that, you're gonna fly right out of this building. But you gotta make that connection. You sounded beautiful." Randy Jackson agreed with Jennifer, saying, "The only thing you're missing is that connection. Cuz you can sing, you can soar. You bit off a big chuck today. You can definitely sing, one of the better singers we have here. But there was no real emotion." Steven Tyler said, "You ramped up too soon. But your voice is so beautiful, just gotta pull back a little bit, and you’ll have it. So go kiss some girls." Great advice! The judges really love Stefano, and are giving him the tools he needs to potentially win Season 10.

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