Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scotty McCreery Sings "For Once in My Life" on the American Idol Top 11 Show

American Idol Season 10's Country Crooner Scotty McCreery performs Stevie Wonder's "For Once in My Life" for the Top 11 Show. This week's theme was 'Songs from Motown'. Scotty admitted, "Growing up with Country Music like me, I didn't hear or listen too much to Motown, but my dad was a huge Michael Jackson fan so we always had Jackson 5 CDs around the house." Scotty did not choose any of the Jackson 5 songs from their six-and-a-half-year Motown tenure, nor from Michael Jackson's early Motown solo career.

Staying true to himself, Scotty "tried to give it ("For Once in My Life") a Country vibe a little bit, stay true to the song, still stay true to the way Stevie Wonder did it, but made it more Scotty." Scotty's hoping not to come off as a lounge singer, and to keep the intensity of Stevie Wonder's version. Scotty starts off seated on the steps, leaning to the right like always. I actually liked it more than I thought I would, but that may be because of Scotty's charisma on stage and his tongue-in-cheek playfulness, or maybe Scotty's turning me into a Country fan! Steven Tyler praised, "Scotty, that was beautiful! Just like Glen Campbell, you know he stepped out and took Country Music a whole new step. You took a big chance in doin' that. I loved that you really ripped it. And when you go down to those low notes, you tweak everybody." Jennifer Lopez adored Scotty's performance, saying, "This was a great version of this song. You really made it your own. It wasn’t your strongest vocal performance, but every time you hit that low note, you get me all over again. Randy Jackson wasn't as thrilled as the other judges, remarking, "I don't know if it was your strongest performance, but I was smiling the whole time. You are taking chances, saying "Yo, this is what I do, I'm gonna apply it to Motown, I'm gonna apply it to whatever I do." It felt like the song needed to peak a little sooner. You’re a young lady killer!

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