Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Paul McDonald Sings "Tracks of My Tears" on the American Idol Top 11 Show

American Idol Season 10's Paul McDonald performs “Tracks of My Tears” by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles on the Top 11 Show. This weeks theme was 'Songs of Motown'. "Motown is good times," says Paul with a grin, adding, "I grew up listening to a whole lot of Motown music. It's the kind of music that makes you wanna move. It's good for your soul kinda music."

Paul said he couldn't sing "Tracks of My Tears" like Smokey, "so we kinda turned it into a kind of vibe that's more up my alley," and made it a Folk Rock version. Paul takes the stage with an acoustic guitar, but learning the chords of a new song may have been the reason he forgot the words to the song... But Paul kept his cool and showed what a 'Cool Cat' he is. Randy Jackson liked that Paul wasn't dancing around, but was still "doin' his thing. You’ve got a distinctive, different kind of voice. You're so unique, the tone is so unique. I was a little worried when it started, cuz I was like, "Where's this gonna go?" But you kinda took it to a cool kinda Paul, kinda Rod Stewart-y kinda place. When you sing tender..oh my God dude. It’s so cool. Bring more of that out." Steven Tyler loves Paul because they're alike ~ eccentric characters. Steven praised, "Very different, like Dylan, like Willie Nelson. Your voice is that different. And it's beautiful in that sense. I love it. I love what you did with the guitar today. Just great." Jennifer Lopez raved, "You're the most rounded, seasoned performer we have. You’re kinda the complete package. All you need is a good producer, and there you go."

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