Tuesday, March 8, 2011

American Idol's Paul McDonald performs "Maggie Mae" on the Top 12 Guys Night!

American Idol Season 10's soulful Paul McDonald lights up the stage with Rod Stewart's "Maggie Mae" during the Top 12 Guys competition. All three judges - and the audience - loved it! Steven Tyler, who's quite the character himself said, “There it is. It’s all about the jacket! You got a real character about your voice. I love that character in you.” Jennifer Lopez raved, “You have real character in the way you move too. Your smile lights up the whole place. You bring joy to the world.” And Randy Jackson, who has gotten to know hundreds of contestants over the last 10 years said, “One of the things I love about you…you were so unique and different. I’m glad that Idol can embrace this kind of singer…quirky and different.” Yes, Paul is different, but in a good, no great, way! All the judges recognize something very unique about him; it seems like Paul McDonald is not another cookie-cutter contestant, and has a great chance of going all the way!

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