Monday, March 21, 2011

American Idol's Karen Rodriguez Shows off Her Latin Sizzle with "Love Will Lead You Back"

American Idol Season 10's sizzling-hot Karen Rodriguez performs "Love Will Lead You Back" on the Top 12 Show. This week's theme was 'songs from your birth year'. Karen was born March 22, 1989, "the year of big hair, preppy clothes and bright colors." Karen choose to sing "Love Will Lead You Back," a #1 hit by Taylor Dayne - a pop icon of the late 80's.

The bright blue neon wall opens to Karen Rodriguez, a classically beautiful girl - dressed like Barbarella!? And, unfortunately, she doesn't change up the song at all - make it current, except to translate part of it into Spanish. None of the judges are smiling. Randy Jackson starts out with his staccato "YO", meaning this review isn't going to be great. "It started a little rough, but by the time you hit the chorus, you kinda found the pitch and found the range. I think it was definitely better than last week. But I'm still not jumping up and down," said Randy. Steven Tyler said, "I love it when you break into your ethnic what-it-is-ness." Okay... Jennifer Lopez added, "I could tell you were a little bit scared when you came attacked it. Never expose your weaknesses, play to your strengths. You sing beautifully. Just perform it from your heart."

"Love Will Lead You Back" is a song performed by Taylor Dayne. Released as the second single from Dayne's second album Can't Fight Fate (following the more uptempo "With Every Beat of My Heart"), the ballad debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on January 27, 1990. It reached #1 that same year and spent 15 weeks in the Top 40. It also reached #1 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart and was certified a Gold Record. Taylor Dayne has 17 individual Top Tens on Billboard Charts including, most recently, her 2008 Billboard #1 "Beautiful".

The song, written by Diane Warren, is about a woman who is willing to set her lover free because she is confident that one day his love will lead him back to her: "Sometimes it takes some time out on your own now / to find your way back home". Warren has stated that she began writing the song while in a hotel in Russia, and that she had originally intended the song to be offered to R&B singer Whitney Houston, but Arista Records president Clive Davis wanted to let Dayne record the song.

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