Monday, March 7, 2011

American Idol's James Durbin Sings "You Got Another Thing Comin'", gets Kudos from Adam Lambert

American Idol Season 10's James Durbin rocks Judas Priest's "You Got Another Thing Comin'" on the Top 12 Guys night. This wasn't your everyday Idol performance; but James Durbin is so good, the audience and the judges loved it. “That was fucking crazy good! That’s the first Judas Priest song ever on this show. I love it that you’re over the top,” raved Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. Even the normally mellow Randy Jackson was excited by James' performance, saying, “This is how you do it right there. This is how you do it!”

Many people have been comparing James Durbin to American Idol Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert. Both singers have performed some amazing rock classics, and have a 'scream' like a true Rock God. After James' performance, Adam Lambert twitted "Durbin sounded badass tonight! Lot more control! And while we both have a rock scream I think we're pretty different stylistically."

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