Wednesday, March 30, 2011

American Idol's Jacob Lusk Performs "You're All I Need to Get By" on the American Idol Top 11 Show

American Idol Season 10's resident 'Gospel Guru' Jacob Lusk performs "You're All I Need to Get By", a duet sung by the R&B/Soul duo Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. For the Top 11 Show, Idol contestant choose songs from Motown. "Motown is sooouuuullll," croons Jacob. "I have to sing songs that when you hear them it's gotta affect a change in you. Motown music was about that."

Jacob Lusk is probably the strongest singer on American Idol this year, with the greatest range. This week, Jacob wishes to restrain himself a bit, to save those high notes for when they really count. Wow! He did it. He didn't over-sing it; it was perfect! Jacob received a very long standing ovation from the audience, and ALL 3 JUDGES! Steven Tyler ran up on stage to hug Jacob, and called him "Baby Luther (Vandross)". Randy Jackson raved, "The great Barry Gordy is somewhere saying "Oh My God." This is your other best performance on this entire stage, in this entire history of this show. You were like a true professional. You know what was wrong with that performance? Absolutely nothing!" Steven Tyler gave Jacob high praise as well. "You held it back. You milked it, and at the very end, it just was beautiful. You did it." Jennifer Lopez loved Jacob's performance so much, she couldn't even wait for Steven to finish before she started raving about it! "You made us beg. You made us beg for those notes. We were like, "Give it to us, Jacob! Give it to us." You moved me. You move us. It's amazing. You took you time with it, and made us beg."

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