Monday, March 21, 2011

American Idol's Jacob Lusk Brings Down the House with "Alone"

American Idol Season 10's Jacob Lusk performs Heart's "Alone" on the Top 12 Show. For this week's theme, Idol's had to pick 'a song from their year of birth'. Jacob was born June 23rd, 1987. Jacob's mom says, "Jacob gets his talent from both sides of the family." But, Jacob maintains, "I did NOT get my singing voice from my mother! If she goes near a mic, take it away!" The song Jacob choose to sing from 1987 is "Alone" by Heart. Producer Jimmy Iovine likes that Jacob is taking a step out of gospel and doing a rock song, saying the gospel greats like Aretha Franklin have done that. Jimmy tells him he's "got to bring Jacob to this thing."

I get Jacob wanting to try something different, i.e. a rock song...but "Alone"? Yes, Jacob can probably sing absolutely ANYTHING perfectly. But, Jacob has such an innocence to him. I just don't see him doing a very sexualized and sensual song about getting, well, laid. Lying in bed "and the night goes by so very slow, and I hope that it won't end alone...How do I get you touch your lips and hold you tight"...etc. When Heart's Ann Wilson asked "How Do I Get You Alone?", every man in the audience would have answered, "Just ask!" Even though Jacob gave an amazing, heart-felt and emotional performance, I don't think it had that same visceral effect. Judge Randy Jackson said, "Very, very nice performance. And this was a tough one for you, because you did step out of your comfort zone. The product was so great. It was genius. Jacob is in it to win it!" Steven Tyler added, "Your mama may not have been able to sing, but she gave you the moxie that makes you who you are right now. Gospel had a baby and they named it Jacob Lusk! You're on fire." Jennifer Lopez raved, "What I love about you is that you give yourself completely to every performance, to every song, to every moment you're up there. And it's so amazing, so good. We have a competition!"

"Alone" is a song composed by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly. American rock band Heart made it a #1 US hit in 1987. "Alone" was released as the first single from Heart's ninth studio album Bad Animals. Heart's version is a power ballad that begins with a piano line and a subdued vocal from Ann Wilson, only to build to a dramatic love song. "Alone" is Heart's biggest hit, spending three weeks at #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and ranking #2 on the Billboard Year-End Top Pop Singles of 1987. The song's popular video featured the band in a synched live performance. An "unplugged" version of the song later appeared on Heart's 1995 album The Road Home. Twenty years later, CĂ©line Dion recorded it for her album Taking Chances.

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