Wednesday, March 16, 2011

American Idol's 'Hot Latina' Karen Rodriguez Performs "I Could Fall in Love"

American Idol Season 10's steaming HOT Latina Karen Rodriguez performs Selena's "I Could Fall in Love" on the Top 13 Show. This week, Idol hopefuls were given the opportunity to choose a song by their own personal 'Idol'. Karen choose Selena, saying, "She is my favorite artist of all time. She's the one who inspired me to become a singer." Karen worked with producer Jim Johnson to make Selena's song "a little bit more edgy, rock-pop...Sort of like a Beyonce spin on it. A whole new world for me to explore."

Karen Rodriguez took the stage with old-time Hollywood glamour in a long black dress and diamonds. This is one classy lady! Unfortunately, the laryngitis you heard on the pre-performance track (the producer warned her not to talk on the phone, (not to even text!) to save her vice for the following night's performance) is still in evidence. Latin star Jennifer Lopez said, "Baby, you look so beautiful tonight; shining like a star tonight. For me, I could tell you were a little uncomfortable with the notes. You're normally so spot on. You're one of our strongest girls, so I hope you make it through to next week." Randy Jackson found it a little sleepy. He said, "It felt like you were fighting the song. I want excitement from you. It didn’t quite come off for me.” Aerosmith's Steven Tyler didn't have any better news for Karen, “The energy it took to ramp up to how well you ended the song was just lacking a little bit. Of course, I know you can sing so much better. Let's see next week.”

"I Could Fall in Love" is the first single by Mexican-American singer Selena (Quintanilla-PĂ©rez) from her last studio album Dreaming of You, released posthumously after the singer's death in 1995. The song was very successful in the Latin market in the United States, peaking at #2 on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks, but was unable to chart on the Hot 100 because the song was not physically released as a single. This was accomplished with the next English single from the album, the title track "Dreaming of You".

This single has been covered by Jennifer Lopez, who starred as the singer on the film Selena, and performed the song as a tribute to Selena at her Puerto Rico concert Let's Get Loud in 2001, Gloria Estefan for Selena ¡VIVE! on 2005, American Idol Season 3 semifinalist Lisa Leuschner on the album Reality, and also by another Latin star Ana on the album Amor Latino.

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